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National Public Radio (NPR) Highlights 2007 IAC Champions Denise Shearin & Bryan Knox January 28, 2008

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NPR listeners across the country were offered an inside look into the world of auctioneering and “bid calling” today on Michel Martin’s “Tell Me More” and Robert Sachs “What Would Rob Do?”.

“What Would Rob Do?”
with Robert Sachs and IAC Champion Bryan Knox

Auctioneering can be tough. A bid caller has to simultaneously keeping track of the bid count, look for bidders, and keeping the chant fun for those attending. Rob talks to NPR’s Paul Brown about some expert advice on running an auction from Bryan Knox the winner of the 2007 Men’s International Auctioneers Championship.

Auctioneering…What Would Rob Do to Call A Bid?

“Tell Me More”
with Michel Martin and IAC Champion Denise Shearin

It’s the familiar, but sometimes unintelligible voice standing out among all the rest: that fast-talking, number-crunching auctioneer. Denise Shearin shares tips and divulges insider info on the world of auction blocks. Shearin was recently named the International Auction Champion.

Auctioneer Gives Crash Course on Fast-Talking Style

{Thanks to the National Auctioneers Association News for this story. To learn more about the National Auctioneers Association “International Auctioneer Champions”, click here}