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NEW Auction Network to Showcase Programs & Live Auctions Nationwide! January 10, 2008

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auctionetworklogo1.jpg A new television network is being launched nationwide that will broadcast many types of auctions and will show auction contests, Auctioneer personality features and other related programs.

The Auction Network debuts soon at www.auctionnetwork.biz, and will expand to cable and satellite television in 2008. Viewers will watch exciting auctions of estates, cars, real estate and other properties, as well as learn details of how to succeed with buying and selling at auctions.

The website debut format for this network will use “Internet television,” which is TV programming delivered to personal computers, mobile devices, set top boxes, and even your television – all via the internet.

Internet television sites offer video on demand programming, archive and keyword search, the ability to download desired content, and live events. The Internet television marketplace is at a tipping point, with 22% of United States Internet users watching video monthly or more frequently, so this format is expected to continue to grow.

This new 24-hour-day auction network is expected to draw strong viewership from the 70 million people who attend auctions annually. Auctions today are the subject of 46.7 million books, magazines and videos. There are 160 million Internet auction links online. Consumers seemingly have an insatiable appetite for auctions. The live auction industry totaled a record $257 billion dollars in sales in 2006 and continues to increase each year. 57% of consumers have attended a live auction, and they spend an average of nearly $1,000 when doing so. Studies show that 86% of auction attendees believe they are a way to get good values and 75% involve their whole family when attending auctions. All this considered, auctions are a family-friendly subject that appears to have been previously overlooked as a television network.

Indeed, with over 200 existing and emerging cable TV networks in the U.S., none are dedicated to the topic of auctions. Few auctions programs currently exist on U.S. television, and even fewer establish adn emotional connection for viewers. Yet digital networks in the United Kingdom and Germany run over 100 daily live auctions, generating millions of viewers and registered bidders monthly. Any entertainment professional could see from these statistics that a significant void exists in the area of auction programming.

The Auction Network’s greatest potential for the industry is to help bring auction and Auctioneers to the forefront of public perception. The network intends to facilitate the exposure the industry needs as that perfect blend of exciting commerce and world class entertainment in the United States and abroad. The Auction Network is like a sporting event that’s national, internatinoal, live and interactive. Be sure to tune in and enjoy!

Published by the National Auctioneers Association in the “Auction Advantage” Fall 2007 Quarterly Newsletter

Read more about the Auction Network at

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