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Pleasanton Auction Draws Huge Crowd! December 18, 2007

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cimg5304.jpgThe lightning-fast sale of 4040 Jensen Street in Pleasanton has created quite a buzz! Prior to the auction, there were three Auction Previews (two hours each) and over 280 people came by to take a look! Some were neighbors (who, by the way, are absolutely fabulous!), some were investors, and some were obviously homebuyers who were looking for a great place to move to.

Just a few days before the sale, Jeb Bing, the Editor of the Pleasanton Weekly interviewed the seller of 4040 Jensen Street and shared her story in his weekly editorial “Around Pleasanton” which printed the day before the auction. He even took some video of the actual auction and put it on YouTube!!!

Saturday’s sale caught the attention of Channel 2 KTVU and their story aired on the 6:00 and 11:00 news Saturday night!

There were between 100-125 people on the front lawn and into the street who came to watch. Prior to the sale of the home, a Christmas Basket was sold for charity and 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Pleasanton Weekly Holiday Fund to benefit local non-profit organizations in Pleasanton.

The Minimum Bid of $299,000 was quickly surpassed by the nineteen registered bidders and it came down, as it always does, to the last two bidders with a final sale price of $478,500. The winning bidders plan to renovate the property and move into one of Pleasanton’s most sought after neighborhoods! The ease and simplicity of the auction transaction have left both Seller & Buyer very satisfied with the sale!


1. Janine - December 20, 2007

Hi, my name is Janine and I was the winning bidder. This is not my first house, but it is the first house that I bought all by myself. I am very excited and I can’t wait to get to know all of the neighbors.

2. tyler moxley - January 3, 2008

Great job on the auction and congratulations to Janine on the winning bid. Jensen-Amador is a great neighborhood and a great place to call home!!

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