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Interview with an Auctioneer March 5, 2007

Posted by AlynnROCK Group in Auction News, Real Estate News.

crowd3.jpgLast week The Foreclosure Report reported on a Houston Chronicle article entitled “Interview with an Auctioneer”. An interesting article that quotes a fellow real estate auctioneer. Among some of my favorite quotes:

“Properties that make sense in the traditional market of real estate make better sense at an auction. I’ve been trying to tell people that for years, but I don’t think I’ve made many converts among the real estate brokers.”

“In a real estate auction, you don’t use that bid calling like those cow sellers. Everybody can understand where the bid is, what we’re asking for, because the majority of people never have been to an auction. Am I going to scratch my nose and end up with a property? No, it’s not going to happen.”


1. Dean Guadagni - March 7, 2007


It would not surprise me if people’s impression of auctions still included a scene out of “I Love Lucy” where Lucy inadvertently scratches her nose only to become the winning bidder on a brand new house! Or a yawn which turns into ownership of that priceless work of art putting you permanently in the “poor house.” Keep the info flowing!

2. angela alimo - April 4, 2007

I have questions about actioning my home. The home has dropped 100,000. I bought it fo $300,000 and it is only worth 300,000. Any suggestions

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