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How to choose an Auctioneer! December 10, 2006

Posted by AlynnROCK Group in Auction FAQ, Auction News.


With the change in the market, many property owners are turning to the Auction Method of Marketing to sell their real estate.  A number of experienced and inexperienced people are stepping up to offer their services.  A recent article in the Auction World newspaper caught my attention.  The focus of the article was the increase in multi-parcel auctions while at the same time lamenting the increase of inexperienced people entering the real estate auction profession.  The article revealed that many people do not know the difference between a qualified, professional auctioneer and the inexperienced real estate agent trying to get their listings sold.  More so, there are organizations out there who are just trying to make a quick buck by conducting less than professional auctions. So this begs the question, how do I choose a quality auctioneer?   

Good news, the answer is fairly simple!   First, I recommend choosing an auctioneer who is a member of several trade organizations (The National Auctioneers Association (NAA), The Califorinia Auctioneers Association (CSAA), The National Association of Realtors (NAR).   Auctioneers with memberships in these organizations most likely have the experience needed and the ethical standards that any client can count on.   Second, marketing material from the Auctioneer should be high quality and professional.  Third, the Auctioneer should have completed an auction calling school or use a bid caller who has completed an auction calling school.  There are many people out there who think that all you need is a microphone to be a bid caller at an auction.  After witnessing several of these people attempt to call an auction, trust me when I say you need training to call an auction properly!   

Another important consideration is how the auctioneer presents themselves.  When you meet the Auctioneer, they should carry themselves and handle their business professionally; these are the people who will be representing you.  Not only do you want them to know what they are doing, you want them to look like they know what they are doing.  You want the Auctioneer to be professional enough that you feel comfortable with them selling your property. The last and one of the most important considerations when selecting an Auctioneer is to make sure they have a professional designation.  In many states, California being one, there are not license requirements for auctioneers.  To sell real estate you need a salesperson license, but anyone with a real estate license can call themselves “auctioneers”.  Having a traditional real estate professional try to conduct an auction would be like having your dentist perform your open heart surgery.  Both are in the medical field, but your dentist does not have the specialized training.  That is what the professional designations do; they show you that the Auctioneer has received specialized training.  Make sure that your auctioneer has or is in the process of obtaining his or her designation.    The two main Auctioneering designations are Accrediting Auctioneer Real Estate (AARE) and Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI).  CAI is a Master’s level course from the University of Indiana.  It is the highest designation an auctioneer can obtain.   Selling your property through the auction method of marketing is a great alternative, if you chose the right Auctioneer.  I hope this article will help you as you do your research as you make the same decision more and more sellers are making – selling property by auction is fastest, easiest real estate transaction they have ever made!


1. Pat Kitano - December 16, 2006

Hi Stacy,

Kyle Else at TourSheet has a fine article on auctions sites at http://toursheet.blogspot.com/2006/12/real-estate-auction-mashup.html

Check it out!

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