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Real Estate Agents Using Ebay To Help Sell Homes! October 23, 2006

Posted by AlynnROCK Group in Auction News, Real Estate News.


Hello Real Estate World! We are excited about delving into writing our first blog! We’ve spent the last two weeks trying to learn as much as we can about setting one up (thanks sooooo much to the guys at Transparent Real Estate!) We welcome your feedback and suggestions as our goal is to report on the latest auction news and information in an interesting and thought-provoking manner for our readers.

Maybe where you live, it’s quite common to find a Real Estate Auction. But, here in California, the word “auction” is in the same category as “forclosure” or “distress” in the minds of the average agent, seller, or buyer. Here, in the land of forward-thinking Silicon Valley and eBay, the general popluation in Northern California is well behind the rest of the country (and the world!) when it comes to the subject of selling real estate through open competitive bidding.

Kudos to the Chicago-land blogger – The Tour Sheet – for the insightful comments on real estate auctions. I wonder how long it will take real estate agents in California to finally arrive at the same understanding as the agents in Chicago – that a real estate auction can be another tool for them to use to help their client get their home SOLD!


1. Lucy - March 6, 2007

Good post. I read the Tour Sheet, as well. Very true, there are several resources for potential home buyers to search the Internet and find the perfect home. Kudos to the agents who are taking advantage of the technological advances and succeeding with it! I found some good information pertaining to real estate agents and technology in the Swanepoel Trends Report as well.

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